Who is Digital Fox Talent?

We unite pop culture content creators with world-class brands.

Yes, we’re a talent agency…with a caveat. The talent directors are real human beings who care. Our approach is rooted in brand vision and marketing. We champion strategy with creativity for entertaining content. We are purveyors of pop culture, movies, and anything superheroes-related.

Our Network

Our global talent group reaches far and wide, with dedicated teams working with pop culture, lifestyle, sports, toys, and gaming content creators and brand partners. You can have a different Talent Manager, and have access to brands through each category, or just be available for one if you prefer.

If you like Sports and Movies, Digital Fox Talent and Sports Rhino Talent are the DFTN brands for you. If you enjoy Games and are also a beauty influencer, then Gaming Gorilla Talent and Life Lynx Talent are the right teams for your to work with.


We are lucky to work with our talent community. Here’s what our creators have to say about us.

“Working with the Digital Fox Talent Network for almost a year has been an honor."

Costume Designer & Cosplayer @raineemery